October 01, 2018



There is no question.

We all want great hair and we all want it now!
This month, Tara shares with us the many benefits of Olaplex and why she cant live without it.
I will not perform a lightening service on any client without using OLAPLEX either prior to lightening my client or in their lightener because when your know better, you do better! OLAPLEX is a 3 step service. Steps 1 and 2 are done in salon and step 3 is all up to you!

Its important to know why your stylist recommends OLAPLEX and the massive impact it can have on your hair. Your hair is made up of different types of bonds and the most important ones to remember are the disulphide bonds. Think of these like a big length of chain. When your hair is healthy, the chain is strong and all the links/bonds are intact. Some of these bonds can be broken during a colour service or just during everyday processes like blowdrying or ironing your hair.

-OLAPLEX helps re link broken bonds in the hair before, during and after a service ensuing the hair is in the best possible condition.

-OLAPLEX helps return the hair to its natural state ensuring we all have the healthiest canvas to work with when either styling or prior to colouring your hair. Olaplex is formulated to be compatible with all colour services.

-OLAPLEX helps stop breakage and damage in the hair.

-OLAPLEX Helps redefine and de frizz curly hair.

The steps of the OLAPLEX journey.

-Step 1: The Bond Multiplier. This can be used as the first step of the stand alone treatment or in with your colour.
-Step 2: The Bond Perfector. This is either applied with #1 as the second step of the stand alone treatment or after your colour with OLAPLEX has been rinsed at the basin.
Step 1 & 2 are both highly concentrated products for professional use only. To get the best results, your stylist will send you home with steps 3, 4 & 5.
-Step 3: The Hair Perfector. This is where you come in! To get the best results that OLAPLEX has to offer, we only ask for one thing. Use your OLAPLEX #3 at home once a week on dry, unwashed hair for at least 10 minutes and simply wash out OR even better, let OLAPLEX do all the hard work while you catch up on your beauty sleep. We suggest applying a generous amount of #3 in dry, unwashed hair about an hour before bed to give it a little time to dry in before your head hits the pillow, let it work its magic for however long you choose to snooze and just wash your hair as normal the next morning.
OLALEX #4 & #5: The Game Changers!
These two are the latest addition to the OLAPLEX arsenal. Your "weapons of mass destruction" against unhealthy hair.
-Step #4: The OLAPLEX Bond Maintenance Shampoo. Restores the internal strength and balances moisture levels to add incredible shine and manageability. 
-Step #5: The OLAPLEX Bond Maintenance Conditioner. Conditon, restore, repair and hydrate without weighing your hair down.