Hair Stylist Services in Perth

We have a gender neutral pricing structure.

Our stylists prices are based on experience and length of career 

Style Cuts

Includes full consultation, cleanse, condition, massage and Styling

(60 mins)

Style Director  $159 - $179

Master Stylists $128 - $148

Senior Stylist $108 - $128

*prices are subject to change depending on thickness & length| restyles incur additional charges


Curly Cuts

Includes full consultation, dry curl cut, deep cleanse, hydration treatment  massage, curl care tips and Styling

New Client Curl Service 2.5hrs $250

Returning Curl Service :

Short - 1.5hrs $180

Med - 2hrs $200

Long - 2.5hrs $220 - $250

Kids & Teens Curls

0-6 years - 30min $65

7-11 years - 1hr $95

12-16 years - 1.5hrs $180


Clipper & Fades 

Includes full consultation, Scalp treatment, cleanse, condition, massage and Styling* (45 mins) 

Style Director $89

Master Stylist $85

Senior Stylist $75

Clipper Cut $35-55

*prices are subject to change depending on thickness & length| restyles incur additional charges


Kids and Teens

Includes full consultation, cleanse, condition, massage and Styling 

0-6 years $45

7-11 years $60

12-16 years $85

*prices are subject to change | Restyles will incur an extra fee




Director $60/$90

 Stylist $55/$80

Blowdry with Extension $120

Waves only   $65 

After Colour Blow-dry

Assistant $65 

Styling Session

Master Stylist $150



We provide a 30min consultation with one of our Expert Hair Artists. There is a small fee of $50 which is completely redeemable off your prescribed product purchase.

Your consultation will include a full scalp & hair analysis, hair goals, achievement & time process, itemized quote, prescription regime & booking availability. 



Total Regrowth Colour $109

Suitable every 5-8weeks – Maintain your roots between a full colour to keep your hair looking fabulous

(30 mins)

 Global Balance $135 - $190

We recommend you to have a full colour every 6-12 weeks to keep your colour looking seamless and fresh.

(30-60 mins)

 Extra Short Colour

Reshade $52

Full Colour $67



Add a few $85

If you need a few foils to keep you going in between appointments of just want a little extra brightness around the face.

(30 mins)


All foil work is to include Style Dry to finish.

Face Framer $199 -$220

(45 mins)

½ head $240 - $265

(60 mins)

Scattered Foils $300 - $330


Full Head $335 - $400

(120 mins)





Oribe Renewal Remedies $49 

K18 (with 5ml take home) $45

K18 pre treat Spray $20

Goldwell Leave in $20

Mr Smith & Oribe $45

Innoluxe $65 - $75

We personalize each treatment to cater for the individuals haircare needs. 


Colour Correction POA

Corrective Services are only offered after an initial consultation and at the salons discretion. This is priced on an hourly rate and is fully inclusive of colour, treatments & styling that is required


 Platinum Blondes – On scalp lightener

 Maintenance is required every 4-5 weeks

 Initial Visits/Full Head from $280 - $450

4-5 week retouch $185 - $200

(30-90 mins)

 *All prices are subject to change or extra charge for extra thickness and length. | For an accurate quote please book for a consultation.


Textured Services

De frizz:

Short $180

Med $280

Long $380

Keraslik Smoothing:

Short $360

Med $400

Long $500

Permanent Waves $180 - $350

 *All prices are subject to change or extra charge for extra thickness and length. | For an accurate quote please book for a consultation.



The Important Role of Hairdressers in Perth

There are many hairdressers in Perth, but not all of them provide the personalised care and services you need. Your hair is one of the first things that people notice about you. A good haircut and style can highlight your best features and give you a confident edge. Fatty Arbuckles stands out among hair salons in Perth because we offer a relaxing experience and exceptional results.

Benefits of Using a High-End Hairdresser in Perth

Your hair says a lot about you. The right hairstyle can enhance your facial features and help you make a good impression on those you meet. It can also make a statement about your personality and personal style, not to mention making you feel attractive and confident. For these reasons, it’s essential to find the right hair salon in Perth City. Here are a few of the benefits of using some of the top East Perth hairdressers.

  • A variety of quality services. A good salon will have an extensive menu of services to take care of your hair, such as cuts, styling, colour, and keratin treatments. No matter what your hair needs, your hairstylist in Perth can and should be your personalized haven.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience. Whether you need a trim or a whole new look, you can trust a trained stylist to provide it. Professionals who have received years of training and practice deliver these services. They also strive for continual education to stay on top of the latest techniques and trends.
  • Professional products. Yes, the hair products you can purchase from your stylist are different from those available in retail stores. Hair salons in Perth have access to a variety of high quality hair products and often sell the favourite formulas for you to use at home. These professional-grade products make it easier for you to take optimal care of your tresses between visits to the salon.
  • A boost for your appearance. It’s so important to feel good about the way you look. It is true that “when you look good, you feel good.” A new look can elevate your mood and give you a newfound sense of confidence and energy. Professional stylists can help you revitalise your appearance or find a brand-new one. They can offer expert advice on the best colours and hairstyles for you and suggest ideas you may not have thought of before.
  • Stress relief. There’s nothing like settling into a chair at your local salon, relaxing and letting your stylist pamper you with a fresh haircut and a new look. You can take a break from your routine and decompress from the stresses of your daily life – then leave looking like a million dollars. Scheduling an appointment with a hairstylist in Perth is a fun and relaxing way to take care of yourself.

Violet coloured hair

Common Mistakes People Make According to Hairdressers in East Perth

Hairstylist straightening the hair

A healthy, beautiful head of hair goes a long way towards making you feel terrific day after day. Maintaining excellent hair health is easy – but it’s also easy to make mistakes. Hairdressers in Perth City will tell you to avoid the ones below for the best-looking locks.

  • Always wearing your hair in a ponytail. Pulling your hair too tight or tying it up wet can lead to breakage, especially if your hair has been colour-treated. You can often see this breakage in the crown area. Furthermore, frequent ponytails may lead to hair loss – too much traction from pulling can damage hair at the follicle, potentially causing alopecia, which can be permanent.
  • Splurging at the salon but skimping at home. People tend to spend a lot of money at the salon but then neglect to invest in quality products to use at home. Many widely-available hair products are often cheaper because they contain inexpensive ingredients that can be harsh on your hair. The price of salon-grade products is well worth it when you consider what a difference they can make in the health and appearance of your hair and scalp.
  • Not giving your hair the same TLC you give your skin. Many people take excellent care of their skin, not just cleansing but also moisturising, using moisturising masks, and protecting it from the sun. However, your hair needs just as much TLC. Now and then, treat your hair to a deep-conditioning mask – it’s easy. Ask your stylist to prescribe a treatment that is best suited to your hairtype & lifestyle. Your hair will thank you.
  • Never switching up shampoos. Using the same shampoo over and over again, year after year is a recipe for dull, lifeless hair. Your hair can become accustomed to the shampoo you use, and it will stop having the same effect. You can try alternating between a few different shampoos designed for other purposes, such as a moisturising shampoo, a volume shampoo, or go for a co-wash shampoo, the results could surprise you.

Related Services We Provide as a High-End Hair Salon

While we focus primarily on hair, we offer a suite of complementary services designed to be pampering, restorative, and holistic to leave you looking and feeling rejuvenated. Some of our services include:

  • Style cuts. We offer a range of haircutting services for men, women, and children of all ages. Ladies’ style cuts include a full consultation, cleansing, conditioning, massaging, and styling. Men’s cuts include a full consultation, scalp treatment, cleansing, conditioning, massaging, and styling. Cuts for children over six include cleansing, conditioning, massaging, and styling.
  • Styling services. Do you have a special event for which you want to look your best? Let us treat you to a blow-dry, after-colour blow-dry, or styling session and make you look and feel like a Rock Star on your big day. We can also add a styling session to your style cut for a small additional fee. Are you planning a wedding? We can make you and all your bridesmaids look picture-perfect with gorgeous, professionally styled locks.
  • Technical services. Whether you need to touch up the colour of your new hair growth or want all-over colour for a more dramatic change, we can help. Choose from a range of techniques, including global balancing, foils, face-framing, half head, full head, fashion balancing, and colour correction. We also provide men’s colour services, including re-shading, full colour, and creative colour. We will provide a consultation beforehand to discuss your options and make sure that we understand exactly what you want so that you’ll love the way you look when you leave.
  • Hair extensions. Would you like to add more length and volume to your hair in an instant? We offer Great Lengths hair Extensions made of 100 percent human hair guaranteed to be both ethical and traceable. Alternatively you can choose our Showpony Tape Extensions, a product at the forefront of hair and fashion. Showpony is used and loved by many celebrities, stylists, and fashion icons for its beauty and durability.
  • Smoothing and re-bonding. We can make your hair more manageable day after day by using Kerasilk Smoothing, a smoothing and re-bonding system that provides long-lasting results. This treatment can improve the health of your hair, reduce frizz, help manage your curls and impart a lustrous, long-lasting shine. Your hair will be enriched with keratin, collagen, argan oil, and silk amino acids for an unbelievably silky-smooth texture and appearance.

About Fatty Arbuckles

If you’re looking for Perth hairdressers you can rely on, look no further than Fatty Arbuckles. We are hairdressers in Perth offering a range of services, from cuts to colour and styling for special events. However, we’re more than just a hair salon. We are a private oasis of restoration and rejuvenation for your hair and mind. We invite you to step out of your daily routine and into your very own personalised sanctuary to benefit from our mindful approach to hair and our services, treatments, and products tailored to your unique needs.

The next time you need a hairdresser in East Perth, book with us.


Achieve Manageable Locks with our Curly Hair Specialist in Perth

Have you tried just about anything to tame your curly hair? Fatty Arbuckles boasts a curly hair specialist in Perth that formulates tailor-made solutions to help you manage and maintain bouncy curls.

What You Can Expect From Fatty Arbuckles Regarding a Curly Hairdresser in Perth

Our trained stylists create a bespoke schedule to keep your hair looking and feeling its best.

  • Consultation. Before we do anything to your hair, our friendly stylist will analyse your texture and curl type to determine the best way forward. Our initial consultation will discuss your hair goals, and together, we'll evaluate a suitable hair care strategy to use in between appointments. We understand that your hair is important to you, which is why we take the time to listen to your requirements so we can advise the best products and services to use.
  • Cut. With so much bounce and volume, curly hair requires a specific cut to keep it under control. Whether we do a wet cut or a dry cut, we trim each curl individually, embracing each unique shape. Skilled in textured hair and curl cutting, our knowledgeable stylists can help you achieve a more manageable head of hair with less frizz and curls that fall perfectly into place.
  • Products. Achieve a salon-inspired look in-between your appointments with a range of products designed for your hair type. Our shampoos, crèmes, and sprays not only define, shine, and strengthen your curls but provide moisture-rich minerals to your scalp, reducing the appearance of dry skin.

Common Mistakes People Make Before Visiting a Curly Hair Specialist

Many people with curly hair don’t know how best to care for and manage their natural curls. Regardless of your past routine, our stylists can treat your hair, and put you on a schedule to repair and maintain your locks.

  • Trying to get your brush through your curly hair is a painful experience that often results in damaged and frizz. While wet, section your hair and carefully comb each piece. This method maintains the structure of your curl and reduces potential frizz.
  • Often, the cause of your frizz is too much shampooing and using the incorrect shampoo, not your actual hair. Sulphate-based shampoo depletes the natural oils from your hair that results in dry, frizzy hair. Combing sulphate-free, moisture-rich products through your hair banishes frizz and helps control your curl.
  • The most effective way to dry curly hair is to let it dry naturally or with a diffuser on medium heat. There is no point in using the correct product and then drying your hair out from excessive heat. Ideally, hair should be about 80 percent dry and then left to completely dry naturally. This process retains your natural moisture and helps lock in the additional moisture from your hair care products.

Why Trust Fatty Arbuckles as a Curly Hair Salon in Perth

For 20 years, we have treated clients with multiple hair types to cuts, blow drys, and treatments suited to their requirements. Our vast understanding of curly hair results in a salon you can trust to deliver the results you need. To make a booking, contact us.