Meet the team

Annette - Salon Director & Driving force of creativity behind Fatty Arbuckles….. 
I love creating easy to manage hair and believe in giving 100%  everyday to my clients. I enjoy making people feel good about themselves with a fun fabulous new style……
Give me all things short, textured & curly!!!
If long hair & layers are your thing then see my team!  
I'm driven, passionate & a little left of centre. Love love love doing photographic work & creating beautiful images.
We have an ever evolving industry & its our duty should we wish to be a part of it, to stay in sync…
My motto this year:  Different strokes for different folks!!!
Lindsey - Director of first impressions and Beauty expert 
 I am here to help with all your booking enquiries, questions and to make sure you see the best stylist for your needs. 
My background is in beauty and make up, I love to work with Justin and Annette for all your beauty and make up needs for your next big event or wedding.
My biggest passion is great Brows!  They can have a massive impact so let's have a chat while your here.
Favourite quote: Eyebrows - The one thing you can get into shape without Exercise!
 Justin - Master Colour Designer & Stylist 
I like to change your total look and educate how to achieve those looks at home. No point having great hair if you don’t know what the hell to do with it
I’ll give you great hair for you and not just what’s “on trend” although I love trends and change too. I Love long hair and working with Lindsey to create something special for either an event or your wedding day.
High maintenance since 1989. Never met a price tag I didn’t like.
Favourite quotes: I ain’t got time for no foolishness |  If you can’t tone it, tan it.
 Stephanie - Senior Colourist & Stylist
My hair passion is beautiful blends, freehand techniques and creative colour work.
My life passion is dogs!  So if you love good, honest puppy chats with you balayage I would love to look after your hair.
Tara - Rising Star
As an apprentice in my second year, I'm so grateful to have landed at Fatty Arbuckles and be learning from the best. I love all things hair, the more creative the better! 
I'm here to make your experience as enjoyable and seamless as possible and I can't wait to meet you all!