Technical Services


We provide a 30min consultation with one of our Expert Hair Artists. There is a small fee of $50 which is completely redeemable off your prescribed product purchase.

Your consultation will include a full scalp & hair analysis, hair goals, achievement & time process, itemized quote, prescription regime & booking availability. 



Total Regrowth Colour $109

Suitable every 5-8weeks – Maintain your roots between a full colour to keep your hair looking fabulous

(30 mins)

 Global Balance $135 - $190

We recommend you to have a full colour every 6-12 weeks to keep your colour looking seamless and fresh.

(30-60 mins)

 Extra Short Colour

Reshade $52

Full Colour $67



Add a few $85

If you need a few foils to keep you going in between appointments of just want a little extra brightness around the face.

(30 mins)

Face Framer $149 -$170

(45 mins)

½ head $190 - $215 

(60 mins)

Scattered Foils $250 - $280


Full Head $285 - $350

(120 mins)


Fashion Techniques

Fashion Balance $210 - $280

Perfect for short hair, balance the roots and ends with up to 5 foils for variation and texture.

(60 - 90 mins)


Colour Correction POA

Corrective Services are only offered after an initial consultation and at the salons discretion. This is priced on an hourly rate and is fully inclusive of colour, treatments & styling that is required


 Platinum Blondes – On scalp lightener

 Maintenance is required every 4-5 weeks

 Initial Visits/Full Head from $280 - $450

4-5 week retouch $185 - $200

(30-90 mins)

 *All prices are subject to change or extra charge for extra thickness and length. | For an accurate quote please book for a consultation.



Repair Your DIY Dye Job with a Colour Correction in Perth

Colour disasters happen to the best of us for various reasons. When a colour process goes wrong, trust Fatty Arbuckles’ colour correction in Perth to achieve your desired look. We will devise a comprehensive plan to correct your colour mishap while maintaining the integrity of your locks.

What You Should Know About Hair Colour Correction

Our professional stylists understand how important a colour correction is for your confidence. Our colour specialist will propose a strategy to provide your desired results, depending on the integrity of your hair, using one of three techniques.

  • Bleaching. The underlying pigments of your hair may cause your colour to turn brassy orange instead of that platinum blonde you were hoping for. Our experienced stylists retain healthy, hydrated hair while still achieving the desired blonde you’re after and help correct those yellow tones.
  • Toning. Used to neutralize unwanted warmth or brassy tones, hair toner can also be used to create beautiful bespoke pastel tones. After we assess your hair, we choose the shade that will deliver the colour you require without causing further damage to your hair.
  • Colouring Often, the best colour correction technique for hair that is too light is to colour it a deeper shade. Our talented stylists will expertly layer pigments back into your locks, providing warmth and preventing flat, dull colour. A second session can further enhance your desired colour and increase its depth.

Hair colouring session done

Benefits of Hair Transformations

External changes can have a powerful effect on how you feel about yourself, and a fresh new hairstyle can boost your confidence and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Haircut service

  • Your hair offers an opportunity to change the way you look without permanency. Reinventing yourself through your hair allows you to express your personality uniquely while investing in some personal time.
  • Whether you’re visiting for a new look, or a quick blow dry, you’re taken care of by our highly experienced and trained stylists. We understand the techniques that work best on your hair to complement and suit your personality. Our team always remains on top of developing trends and processes in the industry and stay up-to-date on products, equipment, and procedures, ensuring you receive your desired results.
  • Scheduling your next hair appointment with us results in bespoke pampering for you. Relax in our comfy chair and enjoy a deserved break from your routine of work stress and everything that comes with it.
  • Our salon gives you access to professional products and treatments that aren’t available in your everyday store. Created with creamy formulas and busy schedules in mind, from our organic range qaba, born and bred in Australia, to the luxurious brand Shu Uemura “Art of Hair” we have all your haircare needs covered with a personalised hair care regime.
  • We choose to partner with Goldwell professional hair colour, for full flexibility with unprecedented vibrancy & brilliance for uncompromised colour results.
  • We could all do with a mood-booster now and then, and a new look can help achieve that. Indulge in a new colour or turn heads with a fresh style. Our knowledgeable stylists can offer advice on specific hair trends that you may have overlooked while choosing a new do and can help you choose complementary colours and cuts.

What You Stand to Gain When You Visit Fatty Arbuckles

Two decades worth of industry experience provides us with the knowledge and expertise to not only provide high quality products and services, but to also turn clients into friends. Our warm and welcoming atmosphere paired with our friendly staff provide a relaxing haven to unwind and enjoy your treatment. Our high quality brands and treatments such as our qaba, Oribe and Shu Uemura treatments ensures beautiful and manageable hair in between appointments, leaving you feeling your best.

For more information on our range of products and services, contact us.