Textured Services

Textured Services

De frizz:

Short $180

Med $280

Long $380

Keraslik Smoothing:

Short $360

Med $400

Long $500

Permanent Waves $180 - $350

 *All prices are subject to change or extra charge for extra thickness and length. | For an accurate quote please book for a consultation.


Kerasilk Smoothing

Kerasilk smoothig system improves condition, controls frizz and makes the hair more manageable hair at home. Lasting for up to four months, it actively improves hair health, providing long term conditioning protection and lustrous shine. Enriched with keratin, argan oil, collagen and silk amino acids your hair will love you for it.

Frizz is tamed, curls are softened, waves are smoothed and hair is easier to manage. 

Kerasillk Smoothing takes 3 – 4 hours, a complimentary consultation prior to your service is recommended. POA


Kerasilk Defrizz

Your Express Kerasilk Service is designed to combat frizz leaving your natural curl or wave intact. Lasting up to 6 weeks this service is great for the summer months.

* The life of your Kerasilk treatments depend on your home haircare routine. For best results, follow up with Kerasilk Control Shampoo and Conditioner. 


Permanent Wave

Permanent waves are available by appointment only and a consultation is imperative prior to booking an appointments. POA


Where to Go When for a Keratin Treatment in Perth

When you tire of fighting the frizz or struggling to contain your curls, it might be time to consider seeking out a keratin treatment in Perth. Sometimes referred to as a "Brazilian style" hair treatment, keratin-based solutions use natural proteins and advanced science to de-frizz hair to create a long-lasting and semi-permanent smoothness. It’s a good way to help your hair fight back against the heat and humidity we often experience in our climate, and it could be the key to an easier home hair care routine and better-looking results over the long term. When you want a keratin smoothing treatment in Perth, the right products and an experienced stylist are essential for success.

At Fatty Arbuckles, we've created a private getaway in the heart of Perth where you can escape from the stresses of daily life and enjoy the opportunity to treat yourself. With a full range of hairstyling services and many kinds of treatments, we can help you find the most manageable look while providing a comfortable and relaxing experience from start to finish.

What You Should Know About Keratin Treatments

What is keratin, and why is it useful for smoothing out curly hair and keeping frizz under control? Before you book in for this treatment, it's a good idea to know what to expect and how it works.

  • Keratin uses a chemical process, but it is not the same as a "relaxer" treatment, as it relies on the same kind of natural proteins the body already produces. A full treatment can create hair that is more manageable and reduces frizz for between 3- 6 months with the use of prescribed haircare.
  • We recommend a free consultation with our stylists before you book an appointment, as a full service can take three to four hours to complete due to the time necessary for saturating the hair. Together, we'll plan how to get the results you'd like.
  • Keratin treatments are colour-safe, so don't worry if you have highlights or have gone for a complete colour change. You can still enjoy smooth and straight hair for months, along with your favourite colour preferences with no conflict.

Natural looking hairstyle

What Sets Fatty Arbuckles Apart Regarding Hair Treatment in Perth?

Natural coloured long hair

The power of a well-applied keratin treatment to improve your daily routine is clear, but why stop in at Fatty Arbuckles to go through that process? Consider what makes us the best choice.

  • Our modern and well-appointed salon has everything you need to feel completely comfortable. A quiet and welcoming space, you can relax and let go of your worries here.
  • Our highly qualified and experienced staff have years of hands-on understanding to use in achieving the perfect outcome for your hair.
  • We use only the safest and most reliable products, so you never need to worry about damaging your hair in the process of trying to tame your curls or stop the frizz.

How to Get More Value From a Keratin Hair Treatment

As a semi-permanent solution, a de frizz hair treatment should last between 3- 6 months months. By taking the right approach to caring for your hair, you can make yours last as long as possible for extra value. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Using the prescribed products recommend by your stylist.
  • Avoid swimming when possible if you've had a keratin treatment. The constant exposure to water, plus the harsh chemicals used to keep pools clean, will have a damaging effect on your hair.
  • Leave your hair in its natural state for up to two days after your treatment, and skip the wash. This action lets the treatment "set" into your hair.

Natural black hair

About Fatty Arbuckles

Founded two decades ago, Fatty Arbuckles is a premier salon in Perth providing luxury hair treatment solutions, colouring options, regular styling, and much more. Designed from the ground up to be an oasis of comfort and a space for pampering your body, our highly experienced and very friendly staff make you feel at ease whether you're visiting us for an express treatment or an afternoon of styling. Contact us today to learn more about booking an appointment or to request a complimentary consultation about our keratin treatments.