Hair & Scalp Oils
August 06, 2018

Hair & Scalp Oils

This month we talk oils and the benefits for your hair and scalp 

Coconut oil, Olive oil, Argan oil, Morrocan oil! These days it seems like of you aren't using some type of oil on your hair then are you even #livingyourbestlife? Speaking of hashtags we asked our resident #instaqueen to tell us all about Qaba oils.


Steph, tell us a little about Qaba.
First and foremost for me, the brand is cruelty free which is the number one thing people, including myself, are looking for when purchasing these days. Its an Australian brand which I like because it means it supports not just, you know, the economy but actually supports other hairdressers just like us. It also means that all the ingredients are ethically sourced and theres no gross filler products in the bottle either.
What makes Qaba different to other organic brands?
Well, it was created and still is owned by an actual hairdresser. Their motto is "Healthy scalp, healthy hair" so we know it is specifically designed for your hair and scalp rather than just being a run of the mill essential oil.
Can you tell us a bit more about the oils?
There is literally so much I could tell you about the oils I wouldn't even know where to start!
Well what makes the Qaba oils different to say, morrocan oil?
The biggest difference is in the way the oils are produced. They're really refined to the point the oil is able to actually penetrate the cuticle of the hair and get into the shaft which is where it really counts rather than just sitting on the outside and it works the same with your scalp, Just try rubbing some of the Qaba oil into your hands and you can see its absorbed by your skin straight away.
So why is oil actually good for our hair?
Although different oils have certain benefits all of the oils in the range nourish the hair keeping it hydrated and giving a beautiful shine. They also help defrizz the hair aiding styling and manageability at home. There’s a qaba oil suitable for everyone whether you’re choosing one purely for fragrance or to solve a problem.
Solving problems? You mean Qaba oils could actually help me sort out my problems?
I mean, I wouldn't go that far. I meant your hair problems specifically.
Such as?
Well, lemon, lime and lemongrass oils are all very good for itchy/dry scalps as they are a natural antibacterial and astringent and can help control an oily or unbalanced scalp. Chamomile and lavender are a perfect addition to any lemon oil as they both have calming and soothing effects on the scalp giving you the perfect balance of a hydrated and calm scalp. Orange is amazing as a natural anti inflammatory boosting the hair with a dose of vitamin C as well. Geranium and bergamot are both packed with antioxidants providing the hair with nutrients vital for strengthening the hair. And last but not least peppermint and rosemary oils are both great for stimulating blood flow to encourage healthy hair growth.
Wow, those oils do a lot! So can you tell us how to use them?
There’s a whole plethora of ways to use qaba oils - there’s no right or wrong!  Some of the different ways to use qaba oils include; placing 2-6 drops in with your conditioner or hair masque mixing those together and applying to the mids and ends of the hair and using what ever is left over through the roots, making sure to rinse well afterwards. You can use the qaba oil as a final rinse by filling up an empty litre bottle with water and adding 3-12 drops (depending on length, thickness and the hairs moisture needs) and pouring that over towel dried hair and left in until your next wash. They can be used as a pretreatment on the hair and scalp by being applied directly to the area, left on from 5 minutes to overnight and then washed out as normal after. They can be used as a serum on dry ends to keep the hair hydrated and defrizzed. And last but not least you can dilute the oil with water in a spray bottle and any time you need to wet the hair down you can spritz it through.