Eucalyptus Pillowcases - Queen Size

Fatty Arbuckles Hair Artistry


Our cool-to-the-touch Eucalyptus fabric is more breathable than cotton, softer than linen and you get the same pampering effects as a silk pillowcase. You might be tempted to never take them off your bed, but our pillowcases are designed to get softer after every wash! 

Eucalyptus fabric is more sustainable and renewable than silk and 100% vegan. 

Our 100% Eucalyptus fabric  is also antibacterial which does wonders for your complexion, hair and overall health. 

The unique and responsibly sourced fabric will elevate your beauty regime and boost your beauty sleep.🌿

    • Size: 75cm x 50cm (fits most pillows)
    • 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell renewably made from trees grown on sustainably managed, biodiverse farms.
    • No pesticides or insecticides used.
    • Features a zipper closer.
    • Softer and cooler than cotton.
    • Lower surface friction than cotton – smoother on sensitive skin.
    • More moisture-wicking than cotton, creating a hostile environment for bacteria growth
    • Designed in Australia