Natalie Anne Haircare

Natalie Anne has become infamous for building trends using her signature looks as the foundation, together with her 1.5 million following on social media, Natalie has the quality, power and ability to literally add a new hair trend into your social feed over night.
With equal reach into the industry and the consumer world and highly respected by both, Natalie is quickly becoming that pulse you need your finger on. Natalie's looks can be seen in most clients screen shot albums ready to be shared in salon consultations, right through to the editorial world.
"I set out to create what I always wanted in my hands. My clients and my followers know, I push to build a bridge between luxury and DIY, I needed a styling line that could help them get across this bridge”
“Firstly I begun with developing a set of two powders built to activate the root volume and thickness. These powders have become the back bone of all my work”
“First came the Tease Me Volume kit then secondly I built the Monaco Beach Resort double bottle, because my girl needed a go to, to build sexy LUXE pool side hair without the fuss”
“After months of working closely with my clients and testing many different product samples, I was able to create the Natalie Anne Haircare range, this is something very special "from me for you”
Natalie x