Facial Roller & Gua Sha

Fatty Arbuckles Hair Artistry


Our hand-crafted Roller and Gua Sha set is the perfect accompaniment to your  skin care routine! This gorgeous double roller and Gua Sha tool help enhance blood circulation, encourage skin cell rejuvenation, promote lymphatic drainage, improve product absorption, reduce puffiness, and relief tension or stress. Regular use is also known to be helpful for sagging skin, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and the overall improvement of your complexion. Made from one of these stones and metal hardware, so take your pick!

  • Jade: Carries a healing energy that can help balance your own inner energies, relax the nervous system, and bring about a sense of harmony and balance.
  • Rose Quartz: Also known as the "love stone", it brings unconditional love, inner peace, joy & positive energy.

NOTE: Due to the natural formation of the stones, each piece is uniquely different, and can slightly vary in colour and shape. Small black or yellow spots can appear in some parts of the natural stones, but should not affect the function of the tools.


  • Premium Facial Roller
  • Premium Gua Sha Tool (you will receive either a Heart Shaped or Feather Shaped Gua Sha. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot take any requests on which specific gua sha shape you will receive in your order.)
  • Customised box
Rose Quartz