November 18, 2018

Summer Survival Guide - Fatty's Got You Covered! Part 1

We all know warming weather means faster hair growth, and if you didn’t, you at least knew that summer time means mojito time!

With great growth comes great responsibility. Although your hair is growing a little bit faster and looking a bit more like an effortless beach wave; frizz, colour change and sun damage can be major beach time bummers!

Fatty’s, how do I stop the frizz?

The Aussie summer heat causes your hair to be dehydrated (yep, your hair can get thirsty too!). The dryer the hair, the more likely it is to suffer from frizz. This is because parched hair soaks up the extra humidity in the air, causing the shaft to swell and lead the cuticle to bend, and sometimes, even break. This is why your hair puffs up and goes every which way but smooth. The salt content in the ocean also draws out a large chunk of the moisture already existing in your hair, leading to it being brittle and, you guessed it, frizzy.

Fatty’s Hacks

  • Start with a good haircut! Not only will you have a fresh look, but also reduce the number of split ends you have. Frizz will definitely stay more at bay this way

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  • Treat it to beat it! We also offer the renowned Kerasilk Control treatments that, without a doubt, will combat frizz, and for up to 5 months too! 

  • Maintain it! We also offer lots of other products that you can use throughout summer that help with frizz. Here are our top 4 picks from Qaba and Shu Umera, click for more info on each.

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We will be back with more summer time hacks next week, so stay tuned!